Using the experience I had as kid to start a charitable organization.

I’m a Little Too caring, a Little Too compassionate. I Think I Know Why

I was eleven years old when I was sent to an orphanage home in the Eastern part of Ghana.

It was a new environment with so many kids from different backgrounds with different shapes of heads and body figures and faces. The feeling during the first month was a bit weird as I wasn’t used to queuing for food and 4:30 am morning devotions and late breakfasts, lunches and dinners

The home basically dependent on local and foreign donations. I remember most times where food quantity decrased and we having to manage the little food available left whiles praying for God to send a savior in the form of a donor to donate some foodstuff to the school.

We also had not enough infrastructure but we managed with the few available. With time my personal love for people and the Lord increased. I began to see every child in the home as my blood sister or brother. This made me most of the times sacrifice my food to the kids. As a result I was nicknamed “ Mother Mercy” because I was always giving out the little I have just so the other kids can be happy.

Fast forward, I entered into Senior High School not like every child because my case was different. The dining hall was my second home as I was always punctual. I was never left alone because strangely enough I ended up in the Agriculuture science class whoch was  a boys class. I had thirty five males and two females as my classmates. This made it easier going to the dining hall and smuggling some of the food sometimes.

I began to apprecaiste people more and developed the passion never to letanyone go through what I went I went through.

I believe that wherever life places you has a reason and until you learn that reason for which you were placed ata certain place you will end up in the blamers game association. Inever for once got bitter at my parents when I grew up. I rather appreciated them the more not because I had no pains but because that situation opened my eyes to see life in a different way.

 “Don’t you ever take it for granted, when you have the opportunity to grow with your parents,”

I desired to enter the tertiary institution but didn’t know how. But thanks be to God. He paved a way and I successfully went through my fisrt degree education and had my my second degree.

At that moment, when I finished my first degree, I decided to start a charitable organization that will help similar kids and also the less privileged to also have a good life.

I believe society has invested so much in me and that investment must translate to other people

When you give the best you have to someone in need, it translates into something much deeper to the receiver. It means that they are worthy.

If it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for those in need either. Giving the best you have does more than feed an empty belly—it feeds the soul.

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