Incorporated under the laws of Ghana (companies code Act 179) in 2016, Charis Touch Foundation is a nonprofit human development organization that seeks to provide support to orphanages, shelter to amputees on the streets as well as street children, support to the sick in terms of finance in underdeveloped and developing nations. 

Charis Touch Foundation is a nonprofit human development organization that seeks to provide:

  • Support to orphanages,
  • Shelter to amputees as well as street children
  • Support to kids in rural schools in developing nations

Living with a disability can be difficult. Living on the street is also another problem. Add poverty to the equation and the hardships increase. In Africa, a continent dominated by developing and underdeveloped countries, disabled and street children often face serious adversity. Only through education, capacity building and shelter to these individuals will give them the commitment to follow through on the path to becoming better citizens with a sense of pride and accomplishment. These goals are linked to the fulfillment of a part of the SDGs. The SDGs originated from the United Nations Millennium Declaration. The Declaration asserted that every individual has dignity; and hence, the right to freedom, equality, and a basic standard of living that includes freedom from hunger and violence and encourages tolerance and solidarity

Charis Touch Foundation was founded by Tamakloe Deborah Dzifah due to the circumstances surrounding her upbringing. Growing up in an orphanage, the Founder has always loved to give back to society and so with the help of Doris Narki Tetteh and Celestina Danso Arhin, Charis Touch Foundation was founded. She envisions to end malnutrition in orphanages in Ghana and beyond and ensure the continuous supply of food in these homes.

CTF believes that every child deserves better. CTF partners with corporate bodies, development institutions, community groups and individuals across the world.


Dear friends of CTF,

 I appreciate your kind and generous support. Thanks to your valuable donation, Charis Touch Foundation has been able to ensure food security in orphanage homes in Ghana for the past 3 years. Through this website, I hope to share our efforts and good changes that we have made with you all over the globe.

Charis Touch promises to hear the voices of participants in our CT movement, to implement field operation professionally, and to report operation impact transparently to ensure accountability. We strive to create sustainable change for the less privileged and strong partnership with the communities.

 Bearing the mission and core value of its foundation in mind, every staff including volunteers of Charis Touch and I will do our utmost best to ensure that the rights of the less privileged are promoted and protected across the world.

Donate to provide support and hope.

With your support we can:

  • Ensure food security in Orphanages in Ghana and beyond
  • Provide shelter for street children and amputees
  • Provide capacity building training programs to the less privileged in society
  • Provide quality education to rural kids

Thank you. 

Deborah Dzifah Tamakloe