Thankfully our Agri-help project last year was a great success. Out of the proceeds from the Agri-help, we funded the workmanship for the masons of our girls dormitory project. The Home also have had over 20 of the 25kg bag of cassava dough and 2 of the 25kg bags of cassava flour. The benefits are just a lot. Thank you …

Happy International women’s day

“16 years ago all my things were packed into a box and taken to an orphanage”. After many years in care, an undergrad and an MPhil later, I have chosen to advocate for OVCs and care leavers Care leavers and young people in care ( foster Care, residential institutions) can succeed. Do you know any care leaver living in your …


The next phase of the Agri-Help Project is commencing this year. The project is about ensuring a continuous supply of food in orphanages in Ghana. For the next decade, Charis Touch Foundation aims at helping orphanages to be food secured. We believe that when children have the nutrients they need to live and grow well, waves of human potential will …


Did you or your parents or friend grow up in care? Join the national care leavers page on Facebook and Instagram. It’s an online forum for Young people in care and out care with the aim of sharing experiences, and influencing policy and practice. Click on links below


2019 was a crucial turning point for Charis Touch Foundation where it restructured its priorities and launched its new vision 2030 with the aim of ensuring sustainable food production in orphanages in Ghana. Happy new year to all our partners and donors. Looking forward to making impact together.