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God willing on the Saturday 18th April, 2020, CharisTouch Foundation with Child Crest Foundation and other partnering NGO’s will commission their newly built girls dormitory for orphans at Blessing Academy in the Oti Region. The Home needs foodstuff, clothing, stationery, etc. Hence we are calling on all individuals and entities who would love to donate/partner to kindly contact 0249272409. Become …


Every 18 seconds a child becomes an orphan.          -Food for  Orphans 400,000 orphans die every year of malnutrition          -Food for Orphans 8 out of 10 children orphaned by AIDS live in Sub Saharan Africa          -UNICEF        99% of orphans will never become adopted.            -Food for Orphans   There are estimated over 1.2 million trafficked children each …

Wondering why you should support our Agri-Help Project?

Due to the occasional donations in our part of the world, homes are forced to choose between feeding their children a well-balanced diet, supporting their education or employing a sufficient number of caretakers. As a result, children in orphanage homes especially on the African continent feed on starch-based diets with little access to protein and other micro-nutrients and have higher rates of malnutrition than the rest of their communities. These children often experience stunted physical and cognitive growth along with reduced energy, immunity and concentration. Besides, orphanage homes are often overlooked as institutions for the implementation of any kind of solutions. The initiative therefore, seeks to revive the passion of agriculture in orphanage homes especially in developing and undeveloped countries.

We want to look beyond occasional donations and ensure sustainable food production in local orphanage homes.

This is in fulfillment of  Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2.