Dzifa Tamakloe


Welcome to Charis Touch Foundation (CTF), a nonprofit organization with the Mission of ensuring that the needs of the less privileged are met and their rights protected and promoted.
The establishment of this organisation was inspired by the circumstances that surrounded my upbringing and the resulting impact on my development. Growing up in an orphanage home, I realized the essence of human relation,  care,  love and support since these are the things that keeps children in orphanage homes going. This cut across to the amputees and children on the streets as well as the sick. During times that that no one comes around to offer these emotional support, comes with so much loneliness and sometimes depression which has its own repercussions in the lives of kids at the home.
Having passed out of the university of Ghana, we have purposed in our heart to serve as ambassadors to reach out to the less privileged, to be an extension of their voices and to stand with them to the latter ensuring that they get the needed support to make their lives better.
We envision to create an advocacy platforms which will engage stakeholders such as other NGOs, social workers, government  and other individuals to discuss in  details the need to promote the rights of the less privileged and ensure their needs are met.
To achieve this outcome, we have strategically designed projects geared towards the fulfilment of this mission.
Yours sincerely
Dzifah Tamakloe