Established in 2016, Charis Touch Foundation (CTF)  was carved out of a deep passion to help the less privileged in society. CTF is primarily established with the desire to promote and protect the rights of the less privileged as well as provide their needs physically and spiritually.
Living with disability can be difficult, living in the street is another problem, add poverty to the equation and the hardships increases.  In Africa,  a continent dominated by developing and underdeveloped countries, disabled and street children face serious adversity and it’s only through  education, better healthcare services, trade and shelter to these individuals that will give them the commitment to follow through on the part to becoming better citizens with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
Charis Touch Foundation was formed by Tamakloe Deborah Dzifah a then level 400 student of the university of Ghana and some other individuals including Danso Arhin Celestina, Daniel Fiankoh and Biney Ephie Rebecca.
The foundation seeks to affect lives and impact the desired change by mobilizing resources for addressing the  challenges faced by the less privileged and by so doing build a world where the needs of of the less privileged are met and their rights protected and Promoted.
Charis Touch Foundation was incorporated under the companies code1963 (Act179) as a company limited by guarantee on  the 10th August, 2016.