Why AgriHelp?


Agriculture has always been the mainstay of many economies in the world. Every living being needs food for proper growth and development. Under-balanced diet causes malnutrition in as much as balanced diet improves growth.
Growing up in an orphanage home, I can attest to the fact that most orphanage homes in in various parts of the world especially Ghana, depend on donations entirely being it food, clothing, toiletries etc. for survival. But high food prices tend to decrease the amount of food items donate to such homes hence affecting the daily food intake of these wonderful kids. Hence linking agriculture to charity is a key for development in terms of nutrition and growth.
The initiative seeks to revive the passion of agriculture in orphanage homes especially in developing and undeveloped countries. The global population is projected at 9 billion by the year 2030. This means that output from agricultural lands have to more than double to meet the world’s needs. With other issues of post-harvest losses in some continent, being on the alarming rate, there is the need for an urgent measure to increase production in these areas.
The initiative will cut across all spheres of agriculture production including livestock production, crop production and any agricultural venture. This initiative seeks to also train these kids in venturing in useful agricultural ventures. The project is being commenced in the Adenta Foster Home, Ghana.


To become the largest agricultural initiative that links agriculture to charity in Africa and beyond


To ensure that orphanage homes own their own farm, thereby curbing malnutrition during price hikes of food.

Why you should partner?

Partnering with us on this project will help curb malnutrition in orphanage homes across the continents of Africa. Besides, the children will learn how to acquire some basic skills in farming to enhance their livelihoods. Surpluses of food items can be sold; this will serve as a source of income generation for the upkeep of the home.

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    I wanted to know how I can get physically involve in such project?

    I am a recent graduate and I am very much interested in getting to learn more about this.

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